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Porcelain lamina is porcelain veneers that can be as thin as 0.5 - 0.7 mm and produced from the impressions taken. They can be done with minimal or sometimes no preparation on the tooth’s front surface. The term laminated comes from Latin. It is porcelain adhered as a thin layer on a healthy tooth. It is one of the most protective prosthetic restorations since it is very small and thin.

Porcelain laminates can be applied in cases where deformity or crowding in natural teeth is desired to be corrected. They are also preferred in the repair of minimal fractures, or for closing the gaps between the teeth. A beautiful smile and whiter teeth can be delivered to the patient with the help of these restorations. These restorations can be preferred for individuals who cannot get the desired result from the whitening process and want to have a natural smile, and for individuals who do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment for any reason.

Before porcelain laminate veneers treatment, it is usually necessary to whiten the teeth first to achieve a better aesthetic result. Since porcelain laminates are very thin, they can easily reflect the yellow color underneath, and therefore, the final color may be adversely affected in cases where bleaching is not performed.

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